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BENAR TAK SELALU MENANG - kisah perjuangan berat seorang korban perkosaan yang tidak berakhir manis- 


8 Mei 2014, “Apakah dia takut?” pikir saya saat itu, memikirkan bagaimana caranya agar dia merasa nyaman dengan saya. Sejujurnya saya juga takut. Takut salah langkah, salah bicara. Ia datang mengenakan syal besar dan sebuah masker yang menutupi separuh wajahnya. Ia tampak gusar. Tangannya gemetar….


"I don’t see diet and exercise as a means to get to a certain target; I see it as building and maintaining a healthy lifestyle." -AGNEZ MO

AGNEZ-Approved Tips For a Healthy Lifestyle + a Coke Bottle Body:

  • Work out consistently (“I work out five days a week and make time for it.”)
  • Focus on weight training, and combine with cardio afterward (Example: 1.5 hours of weight training followed by 30 minutes of jogging.)
  • Eat small portions every 3 to 4 hours
  • Focus on vegetables and healthy proteins such as grilled salmon
  • Incorporate good carbs such as brown rice
  • Go easy on sauces and seasonings, especially salt
  • Keep your experience personal (“What works for me might not work for you, and that goes for me, too — what works for you might not work for me.”)

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Brooklyn We Go Hard SS14 “Hermosa” Lookbook




Burgundy Highlights

For the second entry on the Holidays’ collaboration with Carlos Santos, I took it downtown to showcase a seasonal, yet essential shade on every man’s footwear collection: burgundy. A beautiful variation on the traditional use of black and brown, this rich color portrays a unique regal feel and elegance that sets it apart from the rest. Seamlessly blending into a variety of ensembles, burgundy shows an uncanny versatility, covering a wide range of models including boots, loafers, oxfords and brogues. On this occasion I went with the latter…

This interpretation of the timeless brogue features outstanding perforated detailing on the uppers, highlighted by the sheer quality of the leather and the richness of the wine-like shade. The elongated last with slightly round toe adds to the overall elegance of the shoe, enhanced by the leather soles, insoles and lining as well as the contrasting grey laces. I must say that along with derbies, brogues are probably the shoes I wear the most, be it with suits, slacks or just a pair of jeans. Here I kept the core look quite simple, pairing them with charcoal wool pants, white oxford button down and a brownish tweed aviator jacket. Accessories such as the vintage scarf and suspenders portraying hints of burgundy, add visual interest and help the whole outfit stand out.

Details: tweed avio jacket by CAMO, oxford button down by Our Legacy, mto worsted 120’s wool slacks by Gentleman, brogues by Carlos Santos, shades by Ray-Ban, vintage scarf and braces, and houndstooth socks by Pé de Meia.

Model and Styling: Miguel Amaral Vieira

Ph: Filipa Alves


Sir Paul Smith polishing the final details…


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